• Engaging with technology throughout the event experience should be as easy as the tap of a finger

  • What We Do


    Building experiences that engage and delight

    With seamless digital experiences as a guide, designing experiences for attendees that are simple, effective and engaging is the challenge for modern event marketers. Guiding documents including customer journey maps, request for proposals, operating principles and more.


    Developing communications that resonate

    Today's attendees and Users are looking for relevant content, that adds value to their lives at the right time in the right medium. Creating this content requires an awareness of the audience and respect for their time.


    Digital events that resonate in the physical world

    Working with top clients and production companies to introduce fresh experiences in response to a changing event landscape.


    Building technology to anticipate client's needs

    Designing dynamic, mobile-first technology to plan events, organize lives and expand how streamlined the event organizing process can be.

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    Meet bubbi. The app that remembers every detail about your guests so you can create unforgettable events.


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  • Who we are

    Joel Lippman

    Founder and CEO


    Bringing large projects to life with dynamic teams is Joel's passion. Joel is comfortable in ambiguous spaces working on complicated projects because he builds strong operational systems, organizes strong communications and creates compelling sales & marketing tools.